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Participants of the "round table"On April 29, 2015 the «round table» on the topic «The Role of Social Pedagogues and Psychology Specialists of Vocational Education Institutions in Raising the Level of Parental Legal Competence on the Protection of the Rights and Legal Interests of Minors» took place at the national exhibition center «BelExpo». Representatives of the republican socio-psychological and pedagogical service participated in this event.

Elizaveta Zhuk, INA «Evolutio» Organization and Educational Support Advisor, delivered a presentation on the topic «The INA «Evolutio» Role in Ensuring Legal Protection of Refugees». In her presentation she addressed the issues of the United Nations functioning in general, focused of the main terms related to the refugee issues, familiarized the audience with UNHCR and INA «Evolutio» activities. E. Zhuk shared the main purpose of INA «Evolutio», which is to reduce the latent discrimination and intolerance and to create more favorable environment for the integration of refugees in Belarus. Achieving this goal takes place through the preparation and distribution of objective and accurate information on the problems of refugees and tolerance education. The targeted audience among the beneficiaries of the information is both personnel of the system of education and students and pupils as well. E. Zhuk also cited statistics: currently there are about 50 million persons under the UNHCR mandate; there are 904 refugees officially recognized in the Republic of Belarus.  

Participants of the event were interested in the topic, they also asked questions of their concern. It is worth mentioning that the presentation was held in an interactive form and all the guests had the possibility to find out the nuances related to their sphere of activity and practical application of the received material.     

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