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All the covered platformsThe video conference «Refugees is a Global Problem of the XXI century» for pedagogues of vocational institutions was held today on the basis of the Republican Institute of Professional Education with the support of UNHCR in Belarus and the INA «Evolutio».

Approximately 170 pedagogues from all over Belarus took part in the event.

Yuriy Emelyanenko, Head of the Centre for Research and Instructional Methodology of Educational Activities of RIPE, in the opening statement stressed the importance of the current conference dedicated to World Refugee Day and the necessity of tolerance building towards representatives of other cultures and nations.

Liubou Kravets, PI Assistant of the INA «Evolutio», delivered the speech titled «Tolerance is a two-way road» in which she turned the attention to the necessity of accurate use of the terms «migrant» and «refugee», and tolerant attitude towards representatives of other cultures and nations by Belarusians. Touching upon issues of refugee integration L. Kravets noticed that the integration is a bilateral process. The receiving country bestows refugees on a complex of rights. Simultaneously, they also have a number of obligations, one of which is to respect and comply with laws of the receiving country.

Particiapnts of Minsk platformValentina Gorbatsiuk, Head of the Department of Instructional Methodology of Socio-Educational and Psychological Activities of RIPE, mentioned the survey which was held on the basis of vocational training colleges in the report on actual aspects of multicultural education of students of vocational training institutions. According to the survey 39% of students have a high level of tolerance, 56% — medium and only 5% showed low tolerance rate. The importance of practical seminars on elaboration of practical materials and methodology of multicultural education which are held jointly by the RIPE, UNHCR in Belarus and the INA «Evolutio» was stressed several times during the report and the conference. Despite good results it must be noticed that preventative activities play a great role in the sphere of multicultural education. It is not enough to be satisfied with achieved results, we must work further in the sphere of tolerance building towards representatives of other cultures and nationalities. Nowadays the system of education must be prepared to all spontaneous challenges.

Speech by Victor Filipenko, Deputy Director on Upbringing of Gomel State Pedagogical College named after L. Vygotsky was also devoted to formation of tolerant attitude towards refugees. In particular, he emphasized a practical significance of the seminar held in Gomel on May 27, 2016. Materials of the seminar were distributed among pedagogues of vocational system bearing in mind the aim to use them while working with students on the topic of concern.

Jean Yves Bouchardy, UNHCR Representative in the Republic of Belarus, as well as Melitina Staniouta, Honored Master of Sports, Belarus’ United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Celebrity representative, turned to the participants with the video addresses where they noted the importance of the tolerant attitude to refugees and representatives of different cultures.

Melitina Staniouta Address

At the end of the event V. Gorbatsiuk paid the attention to the fact that in autumn 2016 a similar practical seminar on formation of the tolerant attitude to refugees and representatives of other nationalities is planned to take place in Brest. She also expressed hope for further fruitful cooperation and possibility to cover all other oblast centers with the same practical seminars for pedagogues of vocational training institutions. 

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