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Project presentationA practical seminar "Relevant aspects of Policultural Education among students of vocational training. Formation of tolerant behavior towards refugees" took place on October, 21 on the basis of Baranovichi State Professional Lyceum of Engineering. The event was organized jointly by UNHCR Belarus, INA "Evolutio" and the Republican Institute of Vocaitional Training (RIVT).

The arrangement became the third in a row of events aimed at formation of tolerant behaviour towards refugees among specialists of vocational education. During the first theoretical part of the seminar several specialists in their respective areas delivered presentations. Yuliya Miashkova, UNHCR Programme Assistant, told the participants about UNHCR mandate in the world and Belarus in particular. She also familiarized everyone with the situation with refugees in Brest and Brest oblast, gave statistics and told about the state bodies and public organizations dealing with refugee problems in Belarus. Valentina Gorbatsiuk, Head of the Department of Methodological Accompaniment of Social and Pedagogical Activity of RIVT, and Liubou Kravets, PI Assistant of the INA "Evolutio", delivered the information on methodoligal recommendations regarding the policultural lesson conduction. 

Awarding participants with certificatesApart from receiving information on terminological and methodological aspects in the area of refugees and policultural education, within the practical part of the seminar participants got opportunity to develop a plan-scenario of the educational hour on formation of tolerant attitude towards refugees. It is planned that elaborated materials will be useful in the specialists' practical activity. Participants of the event also had a chance to see the documentary "Refugees in Belarus" made by INA "Evolutio" in 2010. Emotional component of the film left noone indifferent to the problem. Among the hand-out materials psychologists and pedagogues of vocational training received CDs with methodological recommendations on conducting an educational hour on formation of tolerant attitude towards refugees.

Following the results of the event, all participants received certificates confirming their participation in the event.

Wonderful atmosphere of the Lyceum contributed to active and creative participation of the vocational training specialists while preparing scenarios of the educational hour on tolerance formation.


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