Journal of International Law an International Relations  

2016 — N 3-4 (78-79)


intrenational air law

html pdf Role of the International Civil Aviation Organization in Ensuring the Safety of a Civil Aircraft in the Situation of an Armed Conflict on the Territory of a State — Ludmila Pavlova

international economic law

html pdf Evolution of the Freedom of Services Movement Legal Regulation: from the Common Market to the Eurasian Economic Union — Yury Lepeshkov

international protection of human rights 

html pdf Significance of the Legal Practice of the Euro-pean Court of Human Rights in the Aspect of Implementation of the Principle of Proportionality between the Lawyer and the Court — Viktor Zaborovsky

international private law

html pdf Legal Regulation of Cross-border Labor Relations within the Framework of the Eurasian Economic Union — Ludmila Vedernikova

html pdf On the Conflict Regulation of Contracts on Rendering Medical Services on the Application of Assisted Reproductive Technologies — Victoria Shilko

documents and materials 

html pdf UNHCR Executive Committee Conclusion on International Cooperation from a Protection and Solutions Perspective (N 112 (LXVII) — 2016) (only Russian)

html pdf UNHCR Executive Committee Conclusion on Youth (N 113 (LXVII) — 2016) (only Russian)


html pdf Fidel Castro Phenomenon Alexand Chelyadinsky

html pdf Balance of Power and the Policy of Alliances in Italy in the Second Half of the 15th Century: towards the History of the New Time Diplomacy FormationDmitry Mazarchuk

html pdf Historiography of the BSSR Foreign Policy (1944—1991) — Alexander Gurin


html pdf Innovation Development Methodology in the World Tourism IndustryLeonid Davydenko, Dzmitry Yaltykhau

html pdf Formation of the Industrial Policy in Kyrgyzstan and Its Industrial Complex Reform Process from 1991 to 2015Vasili Hurski

html pdf The Food Problem in the Life of Modern Civilization Оlena Zelenska

html pdf Socio-Economic Content of the Human Capital and Its Influence on the Economic Innovative Receptivity — Tatsiana Danilchanka

html pdf Key Trends of the International Hotel Industry Development within the Context of Globalization — Victoria Dedok



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