Journal of International Law an International Relations  

2017 — N 1-2 (80-81)


internatioanl humanitarian law

html pdf Legal Protection of the World Cultural Heritage: International and National Aspects — Igor Martynenko

international courts

html pdf Priority, Direct Applicability and Direct Effect of the Eurasian Economic Union Law — Alexei Ispolinov

international migration law

html pdf Registration of Foreign Citizens and Stateless Persons in the Republic of Belarus — Alexander Fedorako

law of international treaties

html pdf International Legal Regulation of the Institute of Amendments to International Treaties: Contribution of the International Law Commission — Yaroslav Budnik

interantional private law

html pdf Trade Secrets Protection in the Law of the European Union — Oksana Makarevich, Marina Denisenko


html pdf Genesis and Development of Political Relations between the Republic of Ecuador and the Republic of Belarus (1993—2016) — Fernando Guzman, Alexandr Chelyadinsky

html pdf Belarus-Vatican Relations: the Dialogue for Peace — Edmund Yarmusik

html pdf The European Union TAСIS Programme Implementation in the Republic of Belarus in 1992—2007 — Valeryia Kedich

html pdf Political, Trade and Economic Cooperation between the Republic of Belarus and the State of Israel in 1992—2015 — Kanstantin Shykh

html pdf Features of the Belarusian Diaspora Formation in Russia — Denis Taras

html pdf Evolution of the EEC/EU Policy towards China: the Main Stages — Olesya Rubo

html pdf The Problem of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in the Policy of the Arab States in 2002—2005 — Hanna Maskalenka

html pdf Belarusian Studies Formation in Great Britain within the Context of Belarusian-British Relations (the Second Half of the XX — Beginning of the XXI Century — Nastassia Dudzko

html pdf Culture as a Foreign Policy Tool of the Republic of Turkey — Zafer Eldem


html pdf Features of the «Dutch Disease» Manifestation in the Economies of Norway and Russia — Viacheslav Perepelkin, Еlena Perepelkina

html pdf Eco-Innovative Development of the European Union Member States: Trends and Implementation Mechanisms — Ekaterina Botenovskaya, Ekaterina Bychkova

html pdf Analysis of the Integration Effects’ Impact on the Evolution of Industry and Industrial Policies of Member States within the Process of the Eurasian Economic Union Development — Vasili Hurski

html pdf Belarus — China: Trade and Economic Cooperation within the Context of Implementing the ''Silk Road Economic Belt'' Strategy — Yao Jiahui

html pdf Theoretical and Practical Aspects of the Integrated Evaluation of the Ecotourism Development Trends and Effects — Olga Mozgovaya



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