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Winners of 2017The Contest of Art Works "Statelessness: everyone has a right to a nationality" is now open for entries!





The goal of the Contest is to attract attention of Belarusian young people to refugee and statelessness issues.

Contest objectives:
— to draw attention of the Belarusian public towards the refugee and statelessness problem;
— to promote the development of tolerance and respect to refugees and stateless persons in the Republic of Belarus;
— to conduct a wide public awareness raising campaign on refugee and statelessness topic.

The Contest is announced in the following nominations:
— best poster / photo work;
— best video clip.

The beginning of the Contest — February 15, 2019, deadline for submissions — April 25, 2019.

The results of the Contest will be announced no later than on June 1, 2019.

Full-time students of higher education institutions and vocational training institutions of the Republic of Belarus have the right to participate in the Contest.

Individual authors and creative student groups are entitled to participate in the Contest.

In order to participate in the Contest it is necessary to submit the following documents:

— originals of the works on the topic of the Contest in electronic form (DVD, CD, USB):
• by mail: 220050, Minsk, PO Box 245, INA “Evolutio”. The envelope must be marked “To the Contest of Art Works”.

— a filled contest participant application form;

— a certificate of educational institution of the Republic of Belarus stating that the participant is a full-time student of the institution.

Requirements to the poster/photo work:

— a work sent to the competition should be in electronic format 30x45 cm 300 dpi, the work should include a description and its relevance to the topic (no more than 1000 characters with spaces). The text shall also include one highlighted phrase, which may be used in connection with the picture;
— a work should be provided in the electronic format. Electronic media (DVD, CD, USB) should be signed: title of the work, full name of author, address, telephone number, e-mail of the author. 

Requirements to the video clips:

— video clips of various genres (documentary, fiction, animated, etc.) and configurations (filmed on camera, mobile phone, etc.) which are in compliance with the topic of the Contest are accepted to participate in it. Duration of the video is to be no longer than 1 minute;
— video clips should be submitted in both formats: with subtitles (Russian — obligatory, English subtitles — optional) and without subtitles.

It is prohibited to use the UNHCR logo in submitted works. In the future, winners (laureates) of the Contest may be asked to include the UNHCR logo to display works for a wide audience. To this end, participants should be ready for further work adjustments (adding logos, subtitles, signatures, etc.).

Participants who will be engaged in plagiarism or in use of borrowed ideas will be not allowed to further participate in the Contest.

Works must not contain materials promoting discrimination, hatred or scenes of violence on racial, ethnic, national, language, religious grounds or on the basis of sex, age of a person.

Copyrights belong to authors. An application for participation in the Contests is considered as the consent for publication and use in order to raise public awareness of the Contest and the refugee topic.

The author is fully liable for published materials and guarantees the observance of the third parties’ rights. Works must be accompanied by the consent and signature of all persons who might be displayed in public. It is obligatory to obtain the consent of all interviewed persons, asylum-seekers, refugees to publish their photographs and video recordings (if there any).

Participants must give consent for the use of provided materials by organizers in accordance with the goal and objectives of the Contest.

Submitted materials for the Contest are not retrieved.

The Commission evaluates video clips according to certain criteria:

• thoroughness (social and cultural meaning, factual filling, plotline, cohesiveness);
• creativity of material handling (esthetic novelty, acting decisions, stylistic mode);
• technical performance (camerawork, jointing, special effects, computer graphics).

It is planned that winners of the Contest (individual authors and groups) will receive the following money awards in each nomination:

1 prize — 1000 (1 thousand) BYN.

2 prize — 500 (five hundred ) BYN.

3 prize — 250 (two hundred fifty) BYN.

The number of winners, terms of the Contest and the amount of money awards may be changed according to work evaluation commission.

By the Commission’s recommendation the best posters / photos works / video clips may be used for screening in front of the wider audience.

If you have any questions and comments or need additional information, feel free to contact us by the phone: (017) 209 57 66, (029) 322 27 40 or our mail This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

Also, the following links may be useful for you: https://www.unhcr.org/by/, http://www.un.org/, https://www.facebook.com/UNHCRBELARUS/, https://www.facebook.com/Evolutio-272853746209133/.

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